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Spaceships are customised, compact campervans that drive like a good car and are packed features. They're easy to drive for travellers from anywhere in the world. With a Spaceship, you can go to places regular tourists don't go to. Get off the beaten path.  


No need to shop around for the best campervan deal. We've uploaded all that info into our Super Booking Engine. It's like a mash-up of HAL 9000, C-3PO and Project 2501, 3 supercomputers rolled into one awesome booking engine. It contains all rates, all discount and all campervan info. Simply select your travel dates and our local booking system will show you the lowest rate. Discounts are applied automatically.

Make it a worldwide #spaceshipsroadtrip

Home is where you park it. A self-drive holiday is more fun. Get up close to amazing sceneries like this. Hire a Spaceship and make it a #spaceshipsroadtrip

First-class view: home it where you park your Spaceship

Your guide to a custom-made road trip

Spaceships are a New Zealand innovation, the product of Kiwi ingenuity. Spaceships were created to fill the niche between a bulky campervan that's hard to drive and a rental car. They are specially designed for travellers like you, packed full of the features you need in a compact, convenient space.

Spaceships won the NZ tourism award for innovation in 2006, for the creative custom design and unique after hire service and guidance. Be part of the global Spaceship community and become a Space Traveller.

Loyal customers get an extra discount

Spaceships Rentals has depots around the world. It's a big world out there. Don't just explore one country, go for a worldwide road trip... As Space Traveller (loyal customer) you'll get an extra 5% discount off your next Spaceships rental. We have depots in the following countries.